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Unlocking Career Success: The Crucial Role of Choosing the Right Resume Template

Make sure your resume layout is not obstructing your job search success.

Example of what NOT to use:

Don't Overdo It

  • No picture! Unless it is for a modeling industry role.

  • Don't use a template with multiple columns.

  • Keep the background white, and the text black.

  • Don't use graphs or icon images on your resume.

The primary objective of your resume is to receive an invitation for an interview from a prospective company. Including a photo, several columns, or other graphics on your resume can often disqualify you from the competition before human eyes ever lay eyes on it.

Keep It Simple Yet Professional Example of what To use:

  • Use headers for each section (i.e. Professional Summary, Work Experience, Education)

  • Use bullet points to describe your experience

  • Don't create a keywords section. Those should be listed in the bullet points of your work experience for each role.

Keeping your resume layout simple is important to ensure that all necessary information is captured by the applicant tracking system (ATS). It's worth noting that not all companies have the latest ATS technology. To avoid confusion for the AI system, it's best to use a resume template that has a straightforward layout without multiple columns or pictures.

Selecting the best resume layout is just the beginning. Let Executive InQuest curate the content needed to fill out the resume and guarantee an increase in interview requests within 14 days.

Follow this link to get more information and begin the journey to upgrade your career.

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