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Operations & Logistics Manager

Georgia, USA

Job Type

This position is responsible for managing both administration and operations for entire branch offices located in Duluth, GA. The branch manager will be responsible for the operations of both locations while also ensuring the client relations are maintained and services rendered per the agreed upon contract. This will be a demanding role – there will be two sets of management personnel and teams to support and grow whilst seeking to implement new and efficient systems and programs.


  • Branch Office Management

  • Monitors and reviews employees’ work activities through meetings to ensure that all activities are proceeding smoothly as planned.

  • Takes appropriate measures to resolve issues/problems for the department and for the subordinates when they occur.

  • Motivates, develops, and mentors employees for improved job performance.

  • Conducts performance reviews, and disciplinary meetings.

  • Plans and develops annual budget for the branch office; develops alternative plans for strategies to correct

  • Maintains documentation and keeping accurate records of the progress and achievements towards branch

  • Controls and approves employees’ time off schedules and overtime work.

  • Adheres to company policies, procedures, and code of business ethics.


  • Operations Management

  • Oversees the entire operations of branch office, develop strategies based on internal and external factors,

  • Leads activities related to warehousing, distribution, and safety, including monthly physical inventory.

  • Works with customers and warehouse managers to develop and implement long-term warehouse

  • Oversees activities related to the global supply chain function (both domestic, import and export functions)

  • Ensures optimal inventory levels and space to meet customer requirements without inventory shortages.

  • Plans and manages logistics, inventories, customer services and transportation.

  • Verifies items, prices and freight costs of shipments; compares information against bills of lading, invoices,

  • Negotiates with custom brokers, shipping companies and warehouses to ensure competitive rates.

  • Handles claims regarding shipping documents, bills of lading, invoices, orders, delivery schedules and

  • Finds a freight forwarder/shipping partner and negotiates terms.

  • Ensures all the targets/goals are met including cost, productivity and timeliness.

  • Works with management to provide a customer experience in operational deployment and training.

  • Applies Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kaizen principles and re-engineer processes as needed.

  • Works with customers and SBS Ricoh Logistics to share and develop company-wide practices.

  • Selects, manages, and develops team managers and members to hold them accountable for deliverables and

  • Demonstrates management ability to meet company personnel management requirements.

  • Procurement

  • Develops a vendor quote evaluation system utilizing appropriate negotiation and purchasing techniques tools

  • Recruits and retains suppliers that provide quality products and services at better prices while maintaining

  • Ensures that purchase requisitions and contracts conform to company policies and product specifications.

  • Prepares contracts, bids, proposals, and vendor agreements to ensure legal justification, price, and

    Provides information and guidance on quotations and purchase orders.

  • Works with the IT department to drive automation, visibility, process innovation and efficiency.

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