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The Executive InQuest Process

Look over our proven recruitment methodology and discover what sets us a part from other firms. 


Information Gathering

The main complaint we hear from clients about other firms, is that they don't feel as though they took the time to properly understand their need. We take the time to listen to your needs and ask the appropriate questions to ensure we understand your needs. 


Executive InQuest wants to know more than what the job entails. So through our unique process and questioning we are able become the reliable and effective partners you need. Your needs are our drivers. 

Job Interview


Role Requirements 

Job descriptions are one of the most important tools in the job search. However, many companies rush through the creation and often miss out on the caliber of candidates they really need. 

Executive InQuest works diligently with the hiring manager(s) to ensure the job descriptions captures what the position requires. Taking the time in this step to do this correctly will save time during the sourcing process. This ensures we attract the candidates we want and help defer the underqualified candidates. 


Sourcing / Interviewing

Immediately following the kick-off meeting, our team begins sourcing using our proprietary methods and systems. With our active database of over 50,000 professionals we start there, then begin to hunt for candidates that are not actively applying to roles in the market. 

Executive InQuest always interviews our candidates first and provide a detailed feedback report as discussed in the kick-off meeting. 

Computer Programmers
Call Center Employee


Reference Checks

Immediately following an interview with a qualified candidate, we complete reference checks. 

We do this early on to ensure we are not wasting the client's time with someone that has horrible references. 


Candidate Submissions / Client Interviews

Executive InQuest submits three to five candidates at a time in a simple to read format. This allows hiring managers to choose from top quality candidates. We submit a new batch of candidates each week as long as the role is not filled, or we don't have a candidate in the final round. 

We push for all interviews to happen within a 7 day period. We have a "Rapid-Fire" method that allows even the busiest of clients to make hiring decisions on candidates within seven days of being introduced. 

Colleagues Having Lunch



Once the hiring manager has made a decision on which candidate to hire, we will do the negotiating to ensure the candidate accepts an offer that is fair to both them and the company. 

No back and forth for the client. Executive Inquest will only submit candidates that fall within the pre-determined budget range for salary. 



Your business is more than transactional to us. Executive InQuest will follow-up with the client and the newly hired employee after the first two weeks, and once a month for the first three months following the start date. 

We want to make sure both parties are happy with the hire. This is why we have a 90 Day guarantee. If the employee leavs or is fired for cause, we will replace them for free.  

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